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  • "one of best places ive ever been to. great place,food and staff

    graham poulton
  • "Really impressed by the service as I was not expecting it especially since the waitresses seem so young! They went out of their way to make everyone happy. Food is good and portions so big that they are daunting! Place can be a little cramped. "
  • "Me and partner we had a beautiful dinner at this restuarant on the 16 of september for the occasion of my partners birthday and we enjoyed it very much with good food and good service . thanks everyone and keep it up !!!

    I highly recomend this restaurant "

    simon cutajar
  • "this is a great restaurant grat food and welcoming people and affordelble prices well done "
    yesenia caruana
  • "Sensational service at this place with smiling,helpful and very polite staff .the food menu has a great choice .the food we all ordered was excellent plus!we went last on fathers day and all daddy\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s were gifted a sweet gift complimentary .I highly recomend iplace not just for their great service but for their food and for those who have kids this is the place you would want to dine in where your kids have access with iPads and internet loaned for the time you are in the restaurant.thumbs up guys and keep it up!"
    Michelle milovanovic
  • "we came yesterday and the place was amazing. 1 thing it made me a bit disappointed that a new and nice restaurant full of technology nothing gluten free in the menu."
  • "We went again today with 2 of our best friends and I am really happy with their reaction, to the place, the service and especially the food.... which it\\\'s worth saying that the food at iPlace is simply OMG :)"
    Marvic Micallef
  • "We went again today with 2 of our best friends and I am really happy with their reaction, to the place, the service and especially the food.... which it\'s worth saying that the food at iPlace is simply OMG :)"
    Marvic Micallef
  • "Great food with a reasonable price over all perfect place to be in I loved it and I will most definitely return."
  • "I was in malta on vacation and a family member suggested to go to iplace for a meal and we did. I must say the food was very delicious, fresh and value for money. I have to say I found it very hard to go inside with a pushchair as the tables were close to each other and the middle isle wasn\\\\\\\'t wide enough so I had quite a few nasty looks from people dining at iplace as they had to get up whilst eating so I could get in. I felt so embarrassed and not welcome as the place wasn\\\\\\\'t suitable for a mother with a pushchair. I would love to go again but because of the space issue I\\\\\\\'m a bit concerned as this time I would not only have just the pushchair but a toddler in a highchair too!! If there\\\\\\\'s less tables and a wider middle isle in my opinion the place would be a lot better."
  • "We celebrated my daughter\'s birthday with a visit to this restaurant. The place is welcoming and the seating comfortable and private ( on the ground floor). Food is abundant, appetising and realistically priced.Add to this a really sweet and well- mannered lady who attended to our table with a smile on her face. We left the place full, relaxed and definitely good- humoured promising ourselves we would return soon. "
    Helen Ghigo
  • "Great customer service !!!! The food was excellent and food was served very quickly! Very professional and gentle waitresses. Will definitely come again! 10/ 10"
    Sasha Borg
  • "I like the food and the atmosphere is great and service is fantastic 10/10"
    John borg
  • "Really good food and great service with a smile. One hint, make sure you are hungry when you go there as the portions are huge!! We went last night a Monday and the place was full and buzzing, great atmosphere and great food at reasonable prices."
    Joan Bell
  • "Very professional service, very good and abundant food. Staff and food were perfect. We were 16 people and all served at once although it was a very busy day on new years day and although we ordered various plates. Surely will recommend and will visit again. Well done i place keep it up. "
    Jason Schembri
  • "My family and I visited the iPlace restaurant about 4 days ago. The staff is very helpful and really responsible. Great, very delicious and abundant food. My rate is 10/10. Well done and keep it up. Will surely see us again.

    Magda Pace
  • "Just to let you know that I posted this in the popular Facebook site \"Are You Being Served?\"
    After strolling through the Marsaxlokk market last Sunday, my sister and I decided to have lunch there. For convenience - and to get out of the blazing sun fast - we walked into a restaurant situated right opposite the car park. At first, I was taken aback to see that every booth had a tv/monitor and every table had two iPad/tablets. What has dining been reduced to? I thought. I eventually realised that the tablets contained the menu - ingenious! They also had games for kids as well as Google, Facebook, etc... The restaurant was full - young and old...families with kids...and it was...\"peaceful\". No children running around, being loud or generally misbehaving. And I thought...Sunday lunch at a restaurant is not for discussing schoolwork or your children\'s social life... it\'s for relaxing...and giving Mum a break! So the fact that the kids were well behaved, playing pc games while waiting for their food, and Mum and Dad were relaxed and enjoying their conversation was not such a bad thing after all. We were ALL relaxed :) On top of this, the food was EXCELLENT, the staff were all smiling and helpful, the service FAULTLESS and the prices very, very reasonable. The decor is modern and the restrooms are well designed and IMMACULATE. The restaurant is called iPlace. I highly recommend it (especially for families with young children who don\'t always sit still). I\'m not an advocate of reading/playing games at table - meals at home should be quality family time - but everybody deserves \'a day off\' - and this is an ideal place to enjoy it. I can imagine this restaurant is also very popular with young people in the evenings too. Well done to the management and staff - I shall definitely return."

    Nanette Brimmer
  • "The chicken risotto was absolutely delicious and my partner, who is so fussy about his food loved the pork cheeks
    We were drawn to the restaurant first of all by the ipad menu notice, then had a closer look at the very clean and modern furnishings which was the deciding factor is choosing this one of many restaurants in the area.
    We made the right decision . Staff were particularly nice and nothing was too much bother, Even allowed us to send emails using their ipad. Can\'t wait for another holiday to Malta

    Ann Cameron
  • "Yesterday we ordered stuffed Squid with salmon,capers,herbs ecc,after 2 hours waiting we got stuffed squid with rice !
    After complaining,the waitress apologized saying YES YOU\'RE RIGHT IT\'S NOTHING LIKE YOU ORDERED
    My message to iplace,we were frequent customers but WE WILL NEVER VISIT IPLACE AGAIN.

    Philip Cachia
  • "Amazing service, impeccable food. Good Value for money. "
    Rachel Abdilla
  • "Been around Malta for a long time, and been in many restaurants too, IPlace is one of the best restaurants so far in Malta, good value for money, relaxed, good service, good food, and most important if you a very clean pet and very well behaved your pet is welcome too. "
  • "last saturday my boyfriend and I visited iplace for dinner. Although the atmosphere is nice, the tables are very close together which makes one uncomfortable to talk. Moreover, about 15 mins passed from our arrival when the waitress came to our table with the menu (ipad). We were only given one ipad to be shared by two persons whereas the other tables where offered one ipad for each person. Thus this made it difficult to choose the food. Another point is that, the food took an hour after placing our order to be served on the table . Not only that but unlike other tables where the cutlery was given as soon as they made the order, we had to wait for it and it was given to us after we were served the food. to make matters worse, the cutlery given was wrong because we were given three forks and a knife. In addition, the food was not so hot but warm and almost cold. Moreover, we had to tell the waitress that we still had the chips and veg to be served. "
    yanika micallef
  • "Last night we came to Iplace for dinner, it was a pleasant experience our dishes where seafood platter, Maltese pasta, chicken burger and a mozzarella di bufola pizza, the first three where excellent but the last one was definitely not the same as the one shown and described in the menu, this pizza looked so pale, no tomato sauce, no rucola instead it had lettuce (are you sure if lettuce goes well with pizza??). The service wasn\'t bad staff was very friendly but the dirty plates remained on the table for about 25 minutes after everyone was ready. I would preferred if the rucola had finished you asked if i liked something else rather than giving me lettuce. apart from the pizza the experience was good, atmosphere was great ! Thanks"
    Daniela Farrugia
  • "The Place is Nice, Service was good , I\'m a bit disappointed regarding the spaghetti clams, ( it had strange taste - like or mushroom or pesto sauce, do not know what, preferred if it was just olive oil and herbs. But Great atmosphere.

    marouska debono
  • "\"Yesterday we had dinner at I Place.Everything was perfect.The food was delicious and we enjoyed the meal.The staff was excellent with great service.Keep it up you\"re going to see us soon for sure ! ! !\"
    Yvonne and Richard Debattista. "

    yvonne debattista
  • "Although the service was very nice, I would have preferred if the waitresses had their very long hair gathered, rather than seeing 2 waitresses bend over my pizza with their hair touch my food. "
    debora bezzina
  • "Both service and food were great and very reasonable prices. Will definitely go again !!"
    Janet Caruana
  • "My wife and me was there during the fiest, it was great food and large portion staff very helpful, could you please move to Wimbledon UK?"
    victor pace
  • "nice place, good food and friendly staff however we were disappointed due to (1) we were given the ipads for a couple of minutes while other customers were using the ipads throughout (2) the main course was served at 1.45 (from noon), and while having deserts at around 2.20 the manger came over and politely told us to bring over the bill as the table was reserved. We can understand the 2 seating option but if the team can\'t manage to serve the clients on time, it is not the customer\'s problem that there is another reservation and people waiting to be seated. The bill was Euro 115.75 for 4 people and being asked to move out is not a pleasant experience."
  • "Very great place and the food is mouthwatering"
  • "i keep coming at this restaurant over and over again! good ambiance, welcoming and helpful staff and delicious food. all you need after a day of stress. well done!!! "
    Maria Mizzi
  • "Amazing Restaurant !!! Though the loud music was irritating me and it wasn\'t relaxing at all !! With all that noise from people\'s mouth and the loud music.. I\'ve said the waitress to make it low,though no one listened :/ But most of all it was Excellent!! Amazing Food and good service !"
    Enya Cassar
    noel buhagiar
  • "For personal reasons during a lunch I had to leave to collect my daughter. Mum and dad were still at the restaurant. Staff were really compliant when I asked them if they could wait to serve our food till I return. Thanks for understanding clients needs. They made my day. Xxx"
    Caroline Farrugia
  • "I really enjoyed dining. Equipped with everything also with TV on our table to watch what ever I want, even live football matches. I recommend."
    Victor Aquilina
  • "It is great to dine at Iplace and the place looks futuristic."
    David Parnis
  • "It was another great experience. All friends that I invited had never been there and they were really impressed. The only two things that I would recommend would be that in the upstairs menu there is a focaccia which is absent in the downstairs menu and two of the ipaids we had would not function properly (games wise) but I know that if I had asked to get them changed they would have been changed. But we did not spend so much time with the Ipads, but had a great time in a great atmosphere as usual with great staff and food. Thanks once again. "
    Jesmond Falzon
  • "a vast menu of mouth watering food!"
    Amelie Abela
  • "Yesterday our booking was placed upstairs. It was our first experience there and must say that atmosphere is fantastic. Food was excellent as always and staff very helpful."
    Joanne Stivala
  • "We love it..great food, great staff and great ambience with great value for money as well as that of big portions :-)"
    Christopher Mifsud
  • "Everything about iPlace is amazing! I will never get enough of your restaurant as it is very welcoming with very warm and helping staff. We were seated at the new upper floor and I was amazed by the creativity and wonderful ideas you have brought out. I recommend you to a lot of people and will be very looking forward to come to iPlace from time to time :) Many thanks and keep it up ! :D"
    Diane Craus
  • "Great Service!"
    Matthew Galea
  • "Good food and value for money."
    Veronica Cachia
  • "good service with friendly stuff, would suggest to keep door closed as it was too cold."
    Claire Lauri
  • "PLACE comfortable , eat well with normal prices."
    Tania Craus
  • "Excellent!"
    Rachel Azzopardi
  • "NYE it was fantastic, great stuff and good food .... "
    Diana Caruana
  • "its was a lovely lunch on a wonderful sunday afternoon. thanks "
    Dorienne Grech
  • "Excellent food & service,good value for money, i give my thumb up to all at iplace. "
    Adrian Paul
  • "We ate at iPlace on new year\'s eve. We really enjoyed it and the food was delicious and fresh. Thanks for the hospitality...."
    Dorianne Debattista Grech
  • "The new iPlace is a beauty, the food was perfect and staff well trained..2 thumbs up. "
    Martin Fenech
  • "We loved it and really enjoyed the meal. Sure to come again."
    Romina Vella
  • "Hi everybody
    If you are in Malta find a way and visit Marsaxlokk and if you are hungry or not have a lunch or dinner or only take a drink and dont mss this fantastic place. I had been there and I can say that I travel too many countries but the athmosphe"

    erol benezra
  • "Only one word....` FANTASTIC `"
    Brian P Farrugia
  • "Absolutely love it!"
    Clint Borg
  • "I absolutely love iPlace! The pasta is quite a specialty in my opinion when compared to other restaurants. Great Prices, Great Atmosphere and views"
    S. Borg
  • "Extremely satisfied with the food and service. I strongly recommend the Chicken with Mushrooms!"
    Thomas Gatt
  • "The atmosphere @ iPlace is fantastic and looks poshy. The service was great and the food was good too. 9/10."
    John Cutajar